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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Good Boy with a Big Heart

Nipper (2000--March 18, 2016)

I had planned on posting a photo of one my favorite former foster dogs this week, but fate, sadly, intervened. My good friend Liz said goodbye to one of her beloved canine companions yesterday and I felt a need to celebrate this special boy and acknowledge his passing.

Nipper joined Liz's pack in December 2010 when his previous human companion could no longer care for him. With his quiet strength and dignified personality, he quickly became the elder statesman, keeping the rambunctious younger hounds in line.

I was fortunate enough to have interacted with Nipper many times over the years. There was something both compelling and endearing about his gentle demeanor. He didn't jump or slobber or push himself on me for attention, but quietly made sure I knew he was there and equally deserving of my attention and affection. Just being around him made me smile.

Godspeed Nipper. I will miss your handsome, happy face.


  1. I feel sad, too. Nip was my favorite among Liz's doggies. I'll have to get a new favorite. Or my own dog.

  2. God Bless your gentle soul Nipper. Love you!

  3. Very nice tribute - he had the look of such a sweet doggie.