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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrating the Summer Garden

Some years ago, a neighbor commented that my husband, Mark, and I had a "spring" garden. Now, I'll  admit our garden looks lovely in the spring, thanks to the beautiful red, pink, white,and purple blossoms of dogwood trees, azaleas, rhododenderons, and camelias...punctuated by the yellows, oranges, and whites of hundreds of daffodils.

But in my mind, spring is only the first act, followed by the equally stunning blooms of summer...the asiatic and day lillies, the roses, the clematis, the hybiscus, the petunias, the impatiens, the butterfly bush, the crepe myrtles, and more.

So, yes, we have a spring garden. But I'd say we have a summer garden too. What about you?