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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zeus Seeks a Home

It doesn't have to be Mt. Olympus...just a place here on this mortal plane where Zeus can get the love and attention he craves.

Named for the most powerful of Greek gods, this handsome redbone coonhound isn't feeling very "lordly" these days. Zeus arrived at the Prince George's County shelter way back on December 14, accompanied by his canine paramour and their pup...both of whom have since been adopted.

So now it's just Zeus.

When I was asked to photograph Zeus and blog about him, I couldn't say no. To begin with, I have a weakness for hounds. Plus, I knew Zeus was a favorite of shelter staff, who were charmed by both his good looks and affable personality.

And so was I.

Zeus is a big boy, but not as large as some of his breed, and while strong, he didn't jump on me like so many, less mannerly, dogs do. He just wanted to lean up against me while I scratched his head, fondled his face, and whispered sweet nothings into his large, droopy, velvety ears. Then, with the "affection session" over, he reveled in his time outdoors, exploring the field behind the shelter and checking the ground for the elusive scent of deer or fox.

Unfortunately, this canine charmer is facing some challenges in his Herculean quest to find a home. He has tested positive for both heartworm and Lyme disease, and while both diseases are highly treatable (especially for a dog whose overall physical condition is good, like Zeus's is), shelters strained by budgetary constraints cannot afford to take a financial gamble on a dog that may never be adopted.

But the news isn't all bad. An anonymous supporter (i.e. human friend of Zeus) has agreed to contribute $500 to help defray the initial veterinary costs incurred by anyone who adopts Zeus or donate the same amount (plus the shelter pull fees) to a rescue organization that can take him one step closer to his forever home.

You can help too...by sharing this post widely. For more information about Zeus, call (301) 780-7200 and refer to ID#A344077.

UPDATE: Zeus is now in the care of Best Dawg Rescue, where he is being treated for heartworm and Lyme disease. If you are interested in adopting Zeus, call them at 301-407-BEST or submit an application.

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